Vacuum blood collection tubes

Glucose tube

Glucose tube, with Sodium fluoride & Sodium heparin
    PET Glass
13x75mm 2ml VFS02P VFS02G
13x75mm 3ml VFS03P VFS03G
13x75mm 4ml VFS04P VFS04G
13x75mm 5ml VFS05P VFS05G
13x100mm 6ml VFM06P VFM06G
13x100mm 7ml VFM07P VFM07G
16x100mm 8ml VFL08P VFL08G
16x100mm 9ml VFL09P VFL09G
16x100mm 10ml VFL10P VFL10G
Packing: 100pcs/rack; 1-7ml: 1200pcs/ctn, 8-10ml: 800pcs/ctn

Glucose tubes are used for the determination of glucose and lactate.

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