Vacuum blood collection tubes

Gel tube

Gel tube, with Gel & Clot Activator
    PET Glass
13x75mm 2ml VGS02P VGS02G
13x75mm 3ml VGS03P VGS03G
13x75mm 4ml VGS04P VGS04G
13x100mm 5ml VGM06P VGM06G
13x100mm 6ml VGM07P VGM07G
16x100mm 7ml VGL07P VGL07G
16x100mm 8ml VGL08P VGL08G
16x100mm 9ml VGL09P VGL09G
Packing: 100pcs/rack; 1-6ml: 1200pcs/ctn, 7-9ml: 800pcs/ctn

Gel & Clot activator tubes are used for Clinical Chemistry, Immunohematology and Microbiological Serology. Help to extract blood serum rapidly, and used to store and transport the specimen.

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