Vacuum blood collection tubes

Nucleic Acid Detection Tube

Nucleic Acid Detection Tube, with Gel & EDTA.K2
    PET Glass
13x100mm 5ml VGKM06P VGKM06G
13x100mm 6ml VGKM07P VGKM07G
16x100mm 8ml VGKL08P VGKL08G
16x100mm 9ml VGKL09P VGKL09G
Packing: 100pcs/rack; 5-6ml: 1200pcs/ctn, 8-9ml: 800pcs/ctn

EDTA tubes are used for Hematology and Immunohematology, also for analysis of blood cells and determination of blood groups.

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