Vacuum blood collection tubes

Plasma Preparation Tube

Plasma Preparation Tube, with EDTA.K2 & Stabilizer
    PET Glass
13x100mm 5ml VSKM06P  --- 
16x100mm 8ml VSKL08P  --- 
Packing: 100pcs/rack; 5ml: 1200pcs/ctn, 8ml: 800pcs/ctn

1. Rapidly protect the DNA/RNA of the specimens, avoid degraded.
2. Suitable for fresh blood of human and mammal, not suitable for stale blood and congealing blood, does not apply to poultry and other animal blood.
3. Special treatment on the inner wall of the tubes, to ensure the nucleic acid detection of the original specimen.
4. Facilitate batch and rapid extraction of samples, improve the work efficiency of the lab.
5. Store the specimen for 3 days at 18-25℃, 5 days at 2-8℃, and at least 50 months at -20℃or -70℃.

EDTA tubes are used for Hematology and Immunohematology, also for analysis of blood cells and determination of blood groups.

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