Vacuum blood collection tubes

Individual Nuclear Cells Separation

Individual Nuclear Cells Separation
Cell Preparation Tube, with 0.1M Sodium Citrate & Gel
    PET Glass
13x100mm 4ml  


16x125mm 8ml  ---  VGSL08G


Cell Preparation Tube, with 135USP Heparin & Gel
    PET Glass
16x125mm 8ml  ---  VGHL08G
Packing: 100pcs/rack; 4ml: 1200pcs/ctn, 8ml: 800pcs/ctn


1. Used for Cellular immune function detection, HLA detection, Gene detection.
2. Directly separate the blood cells, particularly the individual nuclear cells and platelets
3. Standardize the separation of mononuclear cells, improve the quality of separation.

Coagulation tubes are used for Coagulation parameters(PT, APTT), Clinical Chemistry and Hematology.

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