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Instruction for use:

1. Apply the tourniquet to the upper arm. Use gloves, gowns, eye protection and other personal protective equipments to protect from blood splatter, leakage, and potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
2. Twist and remove the white cover of the needle.
3. Screw the needle securely into the holder. Remove the colorized cover.
4. Perform venipuncture. Push vacuum tube into the holder from the bottom , and make the needle punctures the rubber stopper. The blood will flow into the tube.
5. Wait untile the blood stop flowing in. Pull out the tube. Repeat STEP 4 if need of other specimen collecion.
6. For proper additive performance, gently invert the tube 6-8 times immediately after blood collection. DO NO SHAKE!
7. Dispose of the needle into the nearest sharp container. Do not try to re-cover the needle!


Q & A:

Q: What may cause the blood specimen invalid?

A: The following factors may cause hemolysis, pls pay attention. 1) The blood cells are crushed by outside force when pushing the blood into a tube with a syringe.
2) The state of hemolysis may be caused in the first tube, if the needlepoint doesn't enter vein exactly.
3) Shaking the specimen during mixing or transportation.
4) Collect blood from a swollen vein.
5) Insufficient blood specimen causes the concentration of additive too high. The blood cell is forced to be hemolysis because of the change of penetrative pressure.
6) During centrifuging, stop and separate blood with stick, or the temperature inside the centrifuge is too high or too low.
7) Not invert immediately after blood-sampling.
8) The blood quantity is more than the stated volume when using a syringe to infuse the blood into the tube. * Syringe is not recommended for all vacuum blood collection. "

Q: What are the proper number of inversions for different vacuum tubes?

A: Inver the tube, 180 degrees.
Serum tube(No additive tube, Clot activator tube, Gel tube): 6-8 inversions
Coagulation tube: 4-5 inversions
Other tubes: 8-10 inversions"

Q: What are the recommended centrifuge force and time for vacuum tubes?

A: No additive tube, Clot activator tube: 1100-1300RCF for 10 minutes
Gel&Clot Activator tube:                                                  1200-1500RCF for 10 minutes
Coagulation tube:                                                             PRP: 150RCF for 5 minutes
                                                                                             PPP: 1500-2000RCF for 10 minutes
                                                                                             PFP: 2500-3000RCF for 25 minutes
Glucose tube:                                                                   1100-1300RCF for 10 minutes
Heparin tube:                                                                    2000-3000RCF for 15 minutes"

Q: What is the minimum volume of blood that should be collected?

A: Vacuum tube are designed to yield within +10% of the stated draw volume on the label.

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